We are a local group of individuals and families that have come together to investigate the mystery of Christ in us. Sunday morning is a great time to meet everyone, jump in the conversation, and worship our Creator. Come as you are, and bring your kids!

Our goal is to create environments where we can clearly see who we are in God's eyes. Environments like The Ride and Ground Zero give opportunities to ask the hard questions and become invested in the lives of others.
We wish everyone a Holy, Living, Peaceful, Loving, Miracle filled, and Joyful Christmas! There will be no "official" message at Grace Life on Christmas, but that Baby, that Child, that Savior is shining through you wherever you are on Christmas Day. May your families, your friends, your enemies and your acquaintances all see Him as you "do" Christmas! How could they not?  

See you January 1, 2017!!!!