Consider the Ride? Please read and share...

What if there was an environment where a believer discovered their own voice; a voice found in the provision of Christ? Many believers look at ministry as something to learn, but what if miraculous ministry is as simple as having a really good conversation with someone over a cup of coffee while regarding those across the table not by their behavior, appearance or the problems they are experiencing in their life, but by Christ in them. These kinds of conversations involve transparency, no agendas and, most of This is what people experience in the Ride @ Grace Life. It starts next week. Wanna get on the bus with us? Ride 25 starts with a 3 day weekend beginning next Friday evening (15th), then each Wednesday night for the next six months.  Just make a decision, jump in and make it happen.  You won't regret it!  Call or email with your questions.

"The Ride is one of the best vehicles for mutually shared grace and amazing transformations that I have ever witnessed." Ralph Harris 

"It was a life changing Ride!!!! I was at the lowest point in my life. I had lived a religious 6 year plastic life that came up empty then the real Jesus was revealed at The Ride and He is more glorious and beautiful than you can imagine!!!!!!!"  Pauline Karcher