Grace Life Unleashed!

There is a new and exciting chapter being written for The Church @ Grace Life!

We are removing the fixed schedule of times and the location that we meet.

Our heart is that we continue to gather together as the Spirit leads.

We envision a gathering each week or so (without a fixed schedule but plenty of notice)… where we continue to conversationally enter into the seemingly difficult scriptures, the challenging questions of life, tell relational stories, hear His wisdom, share a meal and grow closer together free of expectations. The days, locations and facilitators of these gatherings and conversations will vary… you will have to be intentional for this to be a part of your life.

It could also possibly be a monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly (or totally random) larger gathering of individuals and families from the broader community of His church that our Lord has knit together. Maybe we hear where the Lord is working, we share stories, paint, swim on the beach, teach the kids to paddle board. We see the kids listening to the old (er) folks laugh and talk, they will catch more of Jesus from our joy than ever could be taught in a classroom.

So, there you go, it’s a bit unknown, a new beginning, a continuation of 18 years of relationships, a journey into hopefully a richer, more intentional experience of this beautiful creation that He calls His Body…His Church. We hope you walk with us down this path, we are excited!